Buy Rap Beats Online is a website offering royalty free instrumentals and beats, with different License Types for every budget. No matter if you are looking for beats for your next album, instrumental background music for your website or if youre aiming to use pre licensed instrumentals for your next Tv and/ or broadcast project. Our Mission is to provide our clients with nothing but the best quality for the most affordable prices.

Why Should I buy Beats?

Buying beats online can be confusing if you do not know a few essential basics on what Royalty Free Music is, or which License Types is best for your needs.
I have heard alot of people over the years saying, “There are Free Beats all over the net, why should I buy beats? Why should I invest in a license?”
Well why should someone else invest in you, if you dont even think about investing in yourself?
In times of the digital age there are tons of benefits you get from buying rap beats and royalty free music online.
Some key benefeits are: Try before buy (Browse All Beats and see if the fit your needs BEFORE you buy a license), Instant Delivery with no waiting time, Easy and uncomplicated Paperwork, One time fee- all time license, and the store is never closed, you can access your files 24/7 via personal download link.

Want to be treated professional? Be Professional!

Alot of people underestimate the importance of professional sound quality. The beat makes the music.
You need great quality in order to make great music. Relating to the initial catch phrase, theres nothing more important than a professional engineered musical dress. In other words, you simply cannot make high quality music based on a low resolution “free download beat”.

With more than 15 years of experience in the music industry and numerous national and international artist placements and broadcast releases, we do know exactly which requirements are needed for the depending purpose of your upcoming project/ release.

For further questions on the differences of our different Leasing Licenses and/ or exclusive Licenses, please read our F.A.Q. section or see our Full Terms.
We hope you have a good time on our website, enjoy the music! If you have any questions that aren’t covered by our F.A.Q. section please feel free to contact us via email anytime.Contact

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