Frequently Asked Questions

01.) How do I buy a beat?

Click the “+ADD” Button on the right of the beats you want to buy, review your order and click “Buy Now” on the bottom of the player. You will be redirected to paypal to finish your transaction. Once you have completed your transaction, your download links and contract will be sent to the email you paid from instantly.

02.) What is the difference between a lease, premium lease, extended premium lease and exclusive rights?

LEASING RIGHTS ($29.90 – $44.90 w/hook)
• sell 2500 units / beat as mixed stereo wav file / non-profit videos and performances / beat can still be sold

• sell 5000 units / beat fully tracked out / beat as mixed stereo wav file / profit videos and performances with up to $1000 in earnings / beat can still be sold

• sell 10000 units / beat fully tracked out / beat as mixed stereo wav file / profit videos and performances with up to $1000 in earnings / beat can still be sold

EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS (starting from $299.90)
• sell UNLIMITED units / beat fully tracked out / beat as mixed stereo wav file / UNLIMITED USE / videos and performances / radio- and tv airplay / beat can no longer be sold

03.) How long does it take, to recieve my order?

As all orders on our page are processed via a Instant Delivery System, you will recieve all files a few moments after your purchase, via email. If you haven’t received your order, please check your spam folder to make sure it didn’t end up there by accident. In case you still cant find it there, please email to info@ear2thabeat.com

04.) Which payment methods do you accept?

The easiest and quickest way to make your transaction is via paypal or credit card. I also accept Western Union and Moneygramm.
In special cases, bank transfers are possible as well. Contact me for further questions

05.) What can I do with Free Downloads?

Free Downloads are meant for strictly personal/private/non-profit/non-commercial use. Album, mixtape-, tv-, and radio-airplay, live performances and/or any other public use is strictly prohibited!!! Sound Tags may not be removed/ cutted.
If you want use one of my beats for your upcoming project/ album/ mixtape/ release, please purchase a lease. Credit has to be given to “Ear 2 Tha Beat” in any case! Anyone found to be abusing these privileges will most likely face a law suit for copyright infringement.

06.) Will the Sound Tags be removed if I purchase a license?

Yes of course all Vocal Tags will be removed from the beat!

07.) How do I give proper credit?

If you use a Ear 2 Tha Beat production for your project, be sure to give credit in one of the following formats:

“Produced by Ear 2 Tha Beat”
“Beat by Ear 2 Tha Beat”
“Original Music by Ear 2 Tha Beat”

08.) Can I get the contact of a client who purchased Exclusive Rights, to buy the beat from him?

No! Once a beat is sold exclusive, there is no way to transfer the Sole Ownership to a third party, no matter the amount/offer.

09.) Do you offer Custom Productions as well?

Yes I do! Custom beats are varying from $499-699 (depending on the work to do)
If you are interested in custom beats, please contact me via email (info@ear2thabeat.com) and let me know which genre/mood/ type of beat youre looking for, if possible please include a Youtube link, with a similar song, so I can get a better imagination of what youre looking for.
I will explain all further infos to you, via email. Feel free to contact me anytime!

10.) Can we collab on a beat?

Since I am involved in alot of projects already, I dont really have the time, to do collabos in general. I am thinking about offering collab contests soon though. Updates via http://facebook.com/EAR2THABEAT

11.) Do you offer bundle deals on leases/ exclusives?

Yes of course!
While one lease is $29.90, I am offering bundlde deals for 3 leases ($49.90), 5 leases ($69.90) and 10 leases ($99.90)
Simply Add the beat to the Shopping Cart, discounts will be applied automatically.
If you are interested in a bigger package, or if you are looking to purchase more than one exclusive in a bundle, please contact me via email (info@ear2thabeat.com) and please include the beatnames in your email.
For Full Bundle Deal List pleae click > Here <

12.) I still have questions

If you still have questions, please see “Terms & Conditions” or contact me anytime under info@ear2thabeat.com